8 Random Magnets

8 Random Magnets

$ 50.00

8 random magnets packed together. 

LIMIT of 1 Random Pack Per Customer, Per Week.
May or may not include some of the magnets pictured. There will not be duplicates within each pack of 8. There are currently 80 numbered designs in the Magnet Series and there are also unique unnumbered "one-off" magnets that are created from small sections from scrapped larger prints. Each magnet is 2 1/4" round. The magnetic backing is reinforced with a second powerful magnet. These magnets will easily hold greeting cards, clumps of coupons or even a full size poster on heavy stock. 1001 uses.
It is not safe to place magnets near electronics, especially computers, hard drives, phones and pacemakers. You've been warned, but hopefully you knew this already.