Marjory's Harmonious Vision

Marjory's Harmonious Vision

$ 130.00

"Marjory's Harmonious Vision" is a screen print based off of Jim Henson's show Fraggle Rock. The print is officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company and features many of the key characters from the show, including Gobo, Mokey, Red, Boober, Wembley, Junior Gorg, Marjory the Trash Heap, Doozers, Philo and Gunge.

16" x 22" screen poster. 

Green Edition of 80.

Main Edition of 200 on light blue stock was sold through Bottleneck Gallery
Gold Edition of 55 was sold through Bottleneck Gallery
Rock Edition of 30 (some sold through the shop)
A few more limited variants will show up randomly in orders and other places.

A few random customers will receive a bonus variant of the poster as well.

Limit of 1 "Marjory's Harmonious Vision" print per customer.