Spreadin' the Love Mystery Mini Print Pack

Spreadin' the Love Mystery Mini Print Pack

$ 124.00

Spread the Love Mystery Packs include 3 signed mini prints. Packs will have either a Shnoogie Boo or A Sprout In A Doubt mini print based on product selected.

These Mini Print Mystery Packs Include the following:
• "Shnoogie Boo"( 7" x 7") -OR- "A Sprout In The Doubt" (5"x7") signed mini screen print variety.
• Mystery signed mini print (from a variety of 5" x 7"s and 7" x 7"s from the last batch of prints. ie: Happy Harvesters, Frustrated Flower, Their Second Encounter and Maurice.....Two Birds and Their Egg is not part of this grouping)
• An older mystery signed mini print (from all the varieties of 5" x 7"s and 7" x 7"s from past....every one from Squatchy Vibes and Baiting to Exposing an Elder and Owl Boy)
• A 5" x 5" mini print, either a Video Series giclee or mini screen print
• A micro print
(Each pack will include at least one 7" x 7" size, maybe two)

The mini prints compiled for these packs will be a mix of new and old mini screen prints we've released over the years. A variety of characters ranging from unwanted orphans to embellished oddities that were pulled from the archives and left over piles. Some of the oldies may have dinged corners.

As these packs get purchased quickly, customers may experience difficulty checking out. 

Limit of one pack per customer! 

Inventory is extremely limited...please don't be upset by a quick sell out.

If your mini print package should arrive damaged, please realize that we will not be able to replace these rare prints exactly and refunds may be offered.