Twibzy & Schmiffles Mini Print Packs

Twibzy & Schmiffles Mini Print Packs

$ 36.00

Twibzy & Schmiffles Mini Print Packs includes the two main 5" x 5" screen prints along with a few random micro prints. The screen prints come in a variety of colors, papers and attitudes. The packs are randomly compiled and assorted. These mini and micro prints are not signed.

There are a wide variety of colorways and paper stocks for each mini print design.

As these packs get purchased quickly, customers may experience difficulty checking out. 

Limit of one pack per customer! We are keeping your first order, no upgrades to double packs.

If your mini print package should arrive damaged, please realize that we will not be able to replace these rare prints exactly and refunds may be offered. These will be sent in paperboard envelopes.