Meeting Mumph -  Mini Print Mystery Pack

Meeting Mumph - Mini Print Mystery Pack

$ 47.00

Mini Screen Print Pack Includes 2 mini screen prints:

• "Meeting Mumph" 7" x 7" signed mini screen print variety.
• Mystery 5" x 7" mini screen print variety (3 new designs possible).
• Mystery micro screen print variety.

There are a wide variety of colorways and paper stocks for each mini print design. The paper can range from typical kraft to dazzling foils, each pack is a random assortment with mystery prints included with Meeting Mumph. Sorry, no requests or exchanges will be accepted. 

As these packs get purchased quickly, customers may experience difficulty checking out. 

Limit of one per customer, per week. (folks that do not follow this rule will likely be refunded for all orders)

If your mini print package should arrive damaged, please realize that we will not be able to replace these rare prints exactly and refunds may be offered. 


Meeting Mumph is a very limited 7" x 7". We have another 7" x 7" that we printed twice as many of that will be released in a handful of weeks.