Soaring - Main Edition

Soaring - Main Edition

$ 59.00

Soaring is a 10" x 16" screen print.

This is the main edition of 550 on a light blue paper.
Within this edition there can be differences amongst the prints. Sometimes the bird has red cheeks and a blue tail, sometimes there are gold specks instead of blue specks.....customers' prints will be chosen at random.

Main Edition of 550 on light blue

Other Editions that were available:

Peacock Blue Edition of 100
Yellow Edition of 75 (will be sold exclusively through SpustaStash.com)
Absinthe Edition of 55
Black Edition of 45
Gold Fleck Edition of 44
Rainbow Sparkle Foil Edition of 40
Mystery Variant of 25
Mystery Variant of 22
Mystery Variant of 14

(Some lucky customers of the main edition will receive a bonus Mystery Variant in their orders)

Limit of only one version of a Soaring print per customer.